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How do your services works?

First you choose option of boosting which suits your requirements, then select details of your order and possible extras. As soon as your payment will be registered your order automaticly will be shown on the dashboard for boosters. Shortly after that one of them will contact you. You'll get notification via email.

Can boosters spend my IP or RP?

No, only if you let them.

Is there a possibility that someone steals my account?

No, if your account is connected with email there is no such possibility.

Do boosters have the right to communicate with other people on my account?

Noway that boosters will talk with your friends.

How do extras for my order work?

K2Boost offers the best service. Our goal is to make clients satisfied, we have many additional options that you will surely like. Every extra is described in the order menu.

How the coaching works like?

There are many coaching ways. It all depends on your and coach preferences. Mainly coaching is based on live analyzing your game or replays.

Can I share my contact details with the Booster?

We do not support activities like these and we do not take any responsibility for possible dangerous consequences. It's illegal for boosters to try to contact you privately. Employees who commit such abuse will be severely punished. For clients who report this behaviour we provide significant prizes.

I'm not happy with the service, can I change the booster?

Yes, of course. Just write to an admin and he will take care of your order.

What about toxicity?

Be aware that our boosters are paid professionals, so such situations are unlikely. We do not tolerate this behaviour. If this somehow happens do not hesitate to contact us and we will draw consequences.

Can I use and play on my account while my order is in progress?

It's forbidden for you to play games that have effect on order status, otherwise if you want to use your account make sure you consult it with your booster.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, we provide refunds in certain cases. If you are not feeling good with our service, please contact us, we will do our best to keep you satisfied.

How can I get answer for question which is not in the FAQ?

Our support will gladly help you, please contact us.

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