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Please be aware of the terms and conditions when using our website and our service. You are fully responsible for being aware of our terms and following them while you using our website and/or service. Your access to and use of our Service is conditioned by your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms then you may not access our Service. These Terms apply to all visitors, users and others who access or use our Service.  We hold the ability to change/update these terms and conditions any time without prior notification and its the customer’s responsibility to stay updated.



1.1 K2BOOST claims no affiliation with Riot Games.                                                                       .                                                      

1.2 K2BOOST.com is hosted under the website https://k2boost.com, and is not affiliated   with any other site, company, brand, organization, or similarly named entity resembling it. No other website has a direct connection with K2BOOST.com.

1.3 K2BOOST reserves the right to pursue legal action against individuals committing financial fraud relating to the purchase of services on our website.


2.1 The customer confirms that he is the only person using his account and takes full responsibility for all activities carried out under it. It is in his interest to keep login details confidential.

2.2 The customer declares that he is at least 18 years of age or that all his activities are supervised by his parent or legal guardian.

2.3 The customer declares that he has the legal right to use any credit cards or other payment methods in connection with any purchase and that  the information supplied to us is true, correct and complete.

2.4 K2BOOST reserves the right to refuse/cancel the order or terminate accounts if we suspect violation of our Terms and Conditions.

2.5 The customer agrees that the booser will adjust the in-game settings to maximize his performance.                                 

2.6 The customer agrees not to play games that affect the placed order. In case of violation of this rule, K2BOOST reserves the right to mark the order as complete without the possibility of a refund.

2.7 The customer agrees not to use his game account during the service period without the prior written consent of the booster or the administration. In case of violation this rule, K2BOOST reserves the right to mark the order as completed without the possibility of a refund.

2.8 The customer is required to provide correct information regarding the details of his game account when placing the order (including: current rank, current division, LP gain, current LP). In case of providing incorrect information, the customer is obliged to cover the difference in prices between the order placed and the order containing correct information.

2.9 The customer agrees to not charge back under any circumstances.                                                                                          

2.10 The customer is aware of League of Legends Summoners Code and the possible consequences of boosting the account. K2BOOST and its employees make every effort to protect the customer from any action taken against his account (including VPN protection, offline mode), but ultimately we do not take any responsibility for penalties imposed by Riot Games.

2.11 The customer is aware and accepts that if he is not active within 21 days of placing an order for: Coaching, DUO Division Boosting, DUO Placements Matches, DUO Net Wins, DUO Games, DUO Normal Matches. K2BOOST reserves the right to close the order and consider it complete without the possibility of a refund.

2.12 The customer is aware and accepts that by purchasing a boosting service from our company, he is not eligible for buyer protection under Paypal or any other financial institutions. Any dispute must be mediated through our support system. If the customer opens a dispute with Paypal, or another financial institution regarding our service, he is in violation of our terms of service. The company reserves the right to pursue action against customers who file disputes or chargebacks, including adding the customer’s information to a bad buyers list, and releasing their information to third parties.

2.13 The customer declares that he is in no way affiliated with Riot Games.                                                                                    


3.1 In case of any problem the Customer has the right to contact K2BOOST administration at any time.                                  

3.2 The Customer has the right to ask for changing the booster if he has any objections to the present one.                          

3.3 The client has the right to receive a reward for reporting  the booster who offers private boosting or coaching.               

3.4 The customer has the right to demand removal of content in case of violation  of the copyright.                                        

3.5 The Customer has right for 2 additional games per every loss in the Solo Placement Matches and 1 additonal game per every loss in Duo Placement Matches, if the following conditions are not fullified: 10 Games grants 7 wins, 9 Games grants 6 Wins, 8 Games grants 5 Wins, 7 Games grants 5 Wins, 6 Games grants 4 Wins, 5 Games grants 3 Wins, 4 Games grants 2 Wins, 3 Games grants 2 Wins, 2 Games grants 1 Win and 1 Game grants 0 Wins.


4.1 If the booster would not complete the entire order before the end of the season, K2BOOST returns money for the unfinished part of the order.

4.2 In case if the service is not provided in accordance with the order, the customer has the right to contact the k2boost administration during the order or within 48 hours of its completion in order to jointly agree on a solution.

4.3 The customer is ineligible for a full refund once your order has been placed.                                                                          

4.4 If the customer undertakes any third-party mediation related to payment disputes without informing the K2BOOST administration, the order will be canceled and the costs will not be refunded.

4.5 The customer is not allowed to charge back under any case, thus he accepts that if he starts a chargeback he is in direct breach of K2BOOST’s terms of use, and legally bound to either close the chargeback or pay back the same amount.

4.6 The customer accepts that his bill will be sent to a debt collectors agency if he chargebacks a payment, and he accepts that he will have to pay extra fees covering both the collector’s agency and any other unforeseen costs in regards to your chargeback.

4.7 If the service is provided in accordance with placed order, the customer has no right to cancel it and request a refund.

4.8 The customer is aware and accepts the fact that if ordering the DUO Wins service, his lack of skills will repeatedly result in losses, it will be converted to DUO Games.

4.9 The customer is aware and accepts the fact that if ordering the DUO Division Boosting service, his lack of skills will repeatedly cause losses, he will be replaced with SOLO Division Boosting. .

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